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John Wilmot: Satyr Against Mankind

The Restoration saw the return of the Monarchy to England and with it an overthrowing of the spiritual authoritarianism of the Puritan era.

John Wilmot, The Second Earl of Rochester embodied this new era, and with relish.

Of the glittering, polished and profligate courtiers surrounding King Charles II, none was more notorious than John Wilmot....

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Unsilenced: Pinter off the Stage

"I'm not a theorist. I'm not an authoritative or reliable commentator on the dramatic scene, the social scene, any scene. I write plays, when I can manage it, and that's all. That's the sum of it." 
- Harold Pinter, 1962

While the above may have held true in 1962, by the time of Harold Pinter's passing on December 24, 2008, Harold Pinter had become so much more than a dramatist. He had become a poet, socio-political commentator and an intelligent, impassioned activist.

Unsilenced: Pinter off the Stage, will be live, staged readings of Harold Pinter's essays, poetry and speeches, accompanied and interspersed with live music.

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