$20.18 for 2018!



You can make a BIG impact here at ETC.

Our 2018 season is just around the corner, and before it arrives we are asking all our audience members to consider a gift of just 2018 to support the work of this season. All of the exciting theatre you've enjoyed in past seasons was made possible through the help of our generous supporters, folks like YOU.

Because ticket sales don’t cover the full cost of producing the high quality productions that you expect from ETC, we need donor help to bring each show to life. 

Why $20.18? Because a small gift of $20.18 will have a BIG impact when we all participate.

We are so grateful that you choose to be in our audience, and hope you will decide to support us with a gift, too. Please give now so your contribution may be counted towards ETC's 2018 season.

*Any donations over $30 CDN in value will be eligible for a tax receipt

Thank you,

Tariq Leslie,
Artistic Director